The world of saraya


No one knows exactly how it happened, but in the beginning, all that you see around you, this world and all these lands, belonged to the gods. All of SARAYA as we know it, is their grand design and soul creation.

In the days of old, they brought individual human souls into existence and created birth, before ultimately abandoning it and leaving it to the care of man.

Something went terribly wrong. Alongside humans and the animals of this world, the supernatural, wicked beings, things feeding on corruption and power and the destruction of man, and those who shouldn’t be, came into existence. A subhuman race spawned for one reason and one reason only. The destruction of man and the world as we know it.

Claiming the dark barren lands in the west as their own, their shadow started to grow. Through the ages it kept on growing and the world beyond the west borders became known as “The Dark”.

To counter this, a divine gift of balance was granted to the human world. A book carrying ancient secrets and scriptures how to preserve peace and harmony, counter the dark and restore balance for all.

But there are those who seek it for different reasons. Those who desire darkness and power. Those who will stop at nothing to find it and ultimately destroy the world along with it.

They want to see the world of man fall into endless shadow.

Ages passed, as did the hope for a better future. Seeing our beloved lands withered away, something had to be done. 32 random pages were torn by man and in secret sent out and hidden away in the wild all over SARAYA.

Ancient runes were placed nearby to mark the spot of each known page location as a guide, a hidden breadcrumb only known to humans, in hope that someday, a gathering of brave souls would be able to track them all down, restore the book, and bring light to the darkness.

Each rune, marking the location where a page is hidden, is linked to the temple of restoration.

This secret hidden temple lies deep beneath the surface and deep within SARAYA, and is now as we know it, heavily guarded by the most powerful and most vicious of SARAYA’S firstborns and they would pay with their lives to protect it.

Inside in the dead center is a runic circle that is keeping track of each found location. Each time someone is close to where a rune is placed and a page is hidden, a new rune lights up and appears in the magical circle. The circle is the pathfinder, the only compass that will lead to the location of the lost pages. It will tell us where to look and is the only true guide to the restoration of the book.

When all pages are found and all the runes are lit, the darkness will succumb to the light and balance will be restored. Word is out, anyone knowing anything about the runes is now being hunted.

Before the gods abandoned their creation, portals had been left behind. These portals were part of the architecture when time first was created. They were never meant to be left behind, and anyone who knew about their locations could now time jump through the ages. Some pages were hidden in parallel dimensions, and as far as we know it, they could be at the very same location, only in a different time dimension.

A race between good and evil has begun in the spinning wheel of time and fate now hangs in the balance. All pages must be found, and the search can never stop, but who or what will find them first?

The firstborns, guardians of the temple of restoration, those dedicated to the finding of the lost pages and the restoration of the book, are growing weaker in numbers, but there is still hope.

Where some have failed, others might succeed. And there are other like-minded that are now rushing to their aid in the fight for SARAYA’s survival.

These are their stories…

Act I – the Book of wisdom

(Songs: Book Of Wisdom, When Worlds Collide, Run, Stranger In Ice)

In the distant land of SARAYA hope is fading. Fear and despair are growing, spreading, leaving all that once was, in endless shadows. It can mean the end. The end to everything.

Darkness has stirred the hearts and minds of men and in the dead silence of the night, things unseen and wicked, ships of black wood and hardened steel, emerged from the dark.

Those of whom we do not speak have reached our shores. They are looking for the one thing that has kept us safe for centuries, “The Book Of Wisdom”, and they will stop at nothing to find it.

Now, what matters the most is now fading for all. But the wind carries words of a new hope.

Help is coming. From all corners of the world, man and beast are coming together to aid the firstborns. They are the ones moving silently through time and space, walking in shadows, hunting, searching for each known rune and location. Their minds are also bent on finding each and every one of them, and the race between good and evil has begun.

For they will never stop until all the missing pages are found.

ACT II – Distant memories

(Songs: Distant Memories, If Only for A Moment, Sandman, Throne Of Gold)

He knew and loved her before even knowing her name and what started out as a dream for both of them, became her worst nightmare.

They were never supposed to have met, much less be together, but fate had a different course set out for one of them. Reincarnation is a powerful thing, yet at the same time deeply deceiving.

For years he tried to keep his past hidden from her, to shield her from his past life. A secret locked away so deep within his mind, it had started to fade into memory. Life it seemed, was a fairytale and they lived a happy one, oblivious to what could be the end to their paradise. Fate, although, is hard to escape.

Somehow, he had always felt he was meant for something greater, but never really knew what it was until the dreams began. Recurring dreams of an envoy appearing out of thin air, whispers of a nameless fear and fragments of a world in shadows. Was his past trying to pull him away from his present?

Like haunting whispers in the wind, his time to join the firstborns had come, but how could he ever leave her?

“Without her knowing, one night he drove, following the echoes of the past through fields of snow. Remembering the bond that can never be broken, remembering the secret words unspoken. A shadow fell when the winter’s road turned. A scream, wheels failed, he crashed and burned. Alone she woke, a knock, a voice. Her life now gone, her love a ghost.“

After the accident, something happened. In the aftermath of her sorrow, a supernatural link had been established between the two and she is now trying to understand it all, trying to make sense of everything.

The link is fading, and while they both are trying their hardest to channel one another, he’s stuck between the land of the living and the land of the dead. Will the link keep them connected or is their love lost forever?

This is their story…