Formed in late 2020, with their debut album “Throne Of Gold” released in May 27 of 2022, Sarayasign is a concept driven, cinematic melodic hard rock band with members from Örebro, Stockholm and Falkenberg that aims for the same experience often seen in movies, for we believe that music can propel narrative and transcend the listener into almost dreamlike and emotionally unknown territory. Through the lens and the voice of the storyteller and the atmospheric music and soundscapes of our own world created by Jesper Lindbergh called Saraya, we want you to close your eyes and dream away.

 Welcome to chapter two – The Lion’s Road.

 Stories can create a vast realm of pure imaginary poetry and is surely the communicating link between music and the listener themselves where anything and everything is possible. 

 We want to take you on a journey far beyond your wildest dreams.

These stories are directly connected and are the continuation of the initial 8 stories told on the album Throne Of Gold (Released May 27, 2022).  

It’s a vast imaginary modern fantasy story about good and evil, humanity, courage, immortality and eternal love all emerging from our own creation and the world of Saraya and it stretches beyond distance and time, and through portals even between worlds. And we welcome you all to come along for the journey. 

In 2023, a darker chapter divided into two acts now awaits where the land of Saraya is now on the brink of destruction and is facing a complete blackout of the sun created by paranormal entities.