When worlds collide

Whats the song about?

In short, ‘When Worlds Collide’, tells a tale of bravery. In the distant land of SARAYA , something is sterring in the west. Shadows of a nameless fear are spreading and one brave soul seeeking the truth, is now closer to the source that anyone before has ever been, and he’s bringing along his childhood friend, so that he too can see it with his own eyes.

These two fictitious characters from our world are on the borders to the dark continents in the west, seeing their beloved mountains engulfed in flames, huge parts of their world and their homeland destroyed.

Fire and darkness is spreading, and they shouldn’t even be there. They wanted to see the chaos for themselves, so that maybe, they could bring back something to their people that could help them understand what is coming, and maybe find a way how to counter it.

It´s also a story about never giving up.

No more tears left to cry, when worlds collide, in other words, when push comes to shove, you either man up or surrender, and our characters from our story made the choice to not give up their dreams for a better future. Maybe their world can still be saved?