Chapter II - The Lions Road

Act III – the Beginning of the end

(Songs: When All Lights Go Out, Blood From Stone, The Beginning Of The End, Will You Find Me, The Lion’s Road)

The world is changing. Winter is upon us and the whispers of a nameless fear is echoing throughout all of Saraya and although time is slipping though our very hands like grains of sand, in this very moment, we need to decide whether to continue the search or accept defeat and give up all our efforts knowing the days of reckoning could be upon us.

What lies ahead could very much be the end to all things, and even though we are bleeding hope, we will never give up for we know this could lead the way towards salvation.

Evil is an unpredicted and powerful force. It is said to cause wicked and bad things to happen and judging by the current threat to our beloved Saraya and the world of man, things couldn’t get much worse.

Along with the dark entities thathave invaded us, a shadow, like a mist sprung out of malignant dreams are spreading like wildfire. Everywhere it touches, it’s killing all daylight, and when winter now is upon us, we must find a way to stop it before all lights go out.

Now, the west wall has been breached, and a dark chapter now lies before us all.

The evil we thought were still far away, is now getting closer and closer to the heart of the kingdom. Hell bent on reclaiming the remaining pages of the book, new information about our enemies has surfaced. Those under the influence of The Dark are now using one of the far west hidden portals to travel through dimensions and time jump the ages. Even the unknown splinter realms of the lands in between are now being scanned by them.

Where we go from here is now the most important question of all. 

Rumors that eight runes have been found has given the people of Saraya the hope they have been struggling without for so long.

In a time of great need, we look to comfort ourselves in believing the search could actually come to an end one day, and where there is serenity and will, there is always a way.

The wind carries word of a bright light that is rumored to have been seen appearing out of nowhere in the regions where the first eight runes were sighted and the first eight pages were found. It’s like the shadow can’t sustain there and is now being pushed back, leaving those regions in bright starlight. The cause of this, we do not know, but this light, like wild fireflies, could be the answer to everything.

From our loved ones who entered the great unknown in the search for the missing entries of The Book of Wisdom, word remain silent, but they are desperately in need of help.

Finding the remaining 24 runes and the remaining lost pages and decipher them is of utmost importance. If the runes are the answer to depriving the shadows sustainability, we are slowly but surely running out of time.

With the temple of restoration now as the enemy’s main target, securing the rune compass and its coordinates is the main objective. Same goes for our newly arrived allies and their defenses must hold.

Some of us are taking shelter at the very same regions where all is covered in starlight, but there are many out there still looking in the dark.

With 24 pages remaining, on the brink of desperation and under a blackened sky, the search continues. Will we keep discovering what was once lost or could this be the beginning of the end?

ACT IV – A Heartless Melody

(Songs:A Way Back, Everdying Night, Love Will Burn, Hope And The Sorrow, Throne Of Gold Part II –A Heartless Melody)

“When all is lost, I still pray for usThat keeps me sane, when all has turned to dustI miss you my love, but please don’t dispairThere’s nothing in this world or the next, that can stop me from finding you anywhere”

Stuck in a dreamworld in between the land of the living and the land of the dead, she is all he thinks about.

Ever since the accident, he keeps hearing her voice inside his mind. Unsure how this happened, one thing is certain. The link is getting weaker and weaker, and he must find a way to keep the channel open before it dies out, leaving nothing but a faded memory.

Vivid vision have also started to haunt him.

Visions of her, the only one he ever loved in a white bed covered in white sheets.Static voices and images of people in what seem to be medical clothes standing around her. Is she in a coma? 

If she is, how could she still be talking to him all this time?

Did she really attempt suicide or is this what happened in the one moment when Sandman got the hold of her?

If so, isn’t he (The gatekeeper of dreams and dimensions) under the influence of The Dark?

What do they want with her?

Or are they using her to get to him?

Wishing she could tell what happened, all he hears now are the less frequent cries for help.

These flashbacks are like having lightening crushing you from within.

Like déjà vu or a glitch in time, he keeps reliving the accident over and over, and each time the link is getting weaker and weaker.

Like a distorted memory fragment, dreamlike images of a dark road leading into an endless nothing have also started to appear, along with a voice urging him to take a journey into the unknown. Knowing he has to find a way to break her bonds to the dark, his one true path now, is securing a way to cross over to her side, where her soul still lingers in the shadows.

If her soul is still intact, maybe her life can still be saved?

Given the circumstances, there’s only one who would help do such a thing and once in an everdying night he’s known to help one soul over to the other side.

This is his story and what leads him to meet the Sandman himself in the lands in between. Maybe he can find a way back, and maybe there is a way to conquer space and time in his gruesome quest for love eternal.

In another dimension where things are getting darker and colder by the minute, a grieving daughter takes her first steps on a parallel journey towards the unknown.

With her mother hospitalized and claimed to be in a coma and her father now stuck in the afterlife, she could be their only hope.

She knows better than to trust the sinister Sandman, and she knows her father’s wishes to meet him better than anyone along with her mother’s suffering, because she’s been listening in the entire time ever sincethe accidents.

Some say she’s cursed with the ability to hear them both in the aftermath, but according to her, her gift might be the answer to why their link is still intact.

It seems although on a different time dimension, the closer she is to her dads position, him and her mom seem to hear each other more clearly, so tracking her father’s position is now her main objective. Maybe if she keeps track on his whereabouts, she could mek him can get to her mom in time before it’s too late.

All alone, she’s following the fireflies in the hope of finding the secret hidden place where the Lion’s Road begins and determined to reach it in time for her father to get there, this is where her journey begins.