– Throne of gold –

She walks an endless road to an endless place. She hides where the moonlight never touches her face. Tears are falling from her eyes as she appears in the daylight. She tries to wipe them away as she looks into the sky.

– Stranger in Ice –

He’s a stranger, come fire and Ice. He’s running through the night to reach the light. Stranger now, and the wind starts to cry, “I hope the boy will live to see the sun”.

– Run –

You had feared the day when our dreams got snatched away. Everything we knew turned upside down. Easy prey, said the ones that stole the day, leaving only shadows haunting our minds.

– Sandman –

So go on and bring me a dream and I’m free of the suffering. I don’t ask a lot, it’s really just one thing. Sandman, sing me a song. I’m afraid of what’s left tomorrow.

– If only for a moment –

If only for a moment, I’d give anything to go back. Home is not where the heart is, where all the memories are turning blank. The loneliness in my heart is unmistakable. Comfort lies, that our love is unbreakable.

– Distant memories –

Tonight, you’ll see all the stars align, and light up the sky for you and I. Shining everywhere, all for us I swear, while my broken heart lay bare.