Jesper lindbergh


From early on, bands like Kiss, Dio, Rainbow, Queensrÿche, to name a few, laid the foundation in my younger years. I wanted to be Peter Criss so bad! These days I get influenced by anything with a great groove and a strong melody and my Spotify has everything from heavy bands like Periphery and modern rock bands like Daughtry, but also calmer stuff like Adele and Anouk. There’s just so many great flavours out there!

How did your interest in music start?
For me it was all about the drums, and Peter Criss started it all when I got the Kiss Alive! album. The sound, the songs, the makeup, the larger than life imagery and the “You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it” attitude. To this days, easily one of the best live albums out there (although not entirely live).

Favorite track on the album?
That’s a tough one since I love them all, but one track that really stuck with me ever since the demo version is the track “A Way Back”. The melodies and the lyrics really resonate well with the concept and blended well with the little punchier modern take on our cinematic style of melodic hard rock, and I love the feeling that the track ended up with. It’s more of a feeling than a normal hard rock track, which I think is a breath of fresh air to me and needs to be listened to with your eyes closed, and with great headphones.