Peter Lundin


I’ve been inspired by many bands throughout the years. Iron Maiden, Mr. Big, Scorpions, and Extreme are just a few early examples. But I listen to a lot of different music. Everything from Chris Stapelton and John Mayer to bands like Architects and In Flames. And of course, Brett Garsed and his hybrid-picking style have had a huge impact on my playing. Other than that, I’ve always tried to be open to all genres and styles. Trying to take something with me from any piece of good music. There are always new things to learn. 

How did your interest in music start
There has always been music around at my home and I started playing keys at early age. After listening to Iron Maiden, I dreamt of being a drummer. But ended up with a lifelong relationship with the guitar. I just loved the sound of it.

Favourite track on the new album and why?
I must say that it varies greatly. But there is one song that I really connected with during the making of the album. With its epic melodies and emotional vocals floating over the rhythmic guitar and bass I think I have to say, “A Way Back”.